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A Foodie Lover who enjoy photography as well as someone who loves travelling to experience different parts of the world. :)

Instagram: @umakemehungry
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We were given a few choices for lunch while leaving Qing Jing heading to the next destination, Tai Chung. Our Tour guide highly recommended this place as its quite popular in the area and had been there 40 over years. Li Zai ...

Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐  笑臉  2018-09-03 Yes we have many Din Tai Fung outlets in Singapore and just never get bored of it even overseas, especially visiting in her "home" country. Trying out ...

We heard of Zhou Jia Soya Bean Milk through one of the local TV program recently and decided to do a breakfast itinerary all the way in Keelung from Taipei. Just like a typical local breakfast place in Taiwan, place is quit...
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Braised Egg and Tau Gua - 10 TWD
Braised Egg and Tau..
Braised Pork Rice 爌肉饭 - 70 TWD
Braised Pork Rice 爌..
排骨饭 - 80 TWD
排骨饭 - 80 TWD
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