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類別 : 台灣菜漢堡/三明治

wishing that I can have another mouthful bite 🤤 of this super clubsandwich (給我壁咚)


this super club sandwich (給我壁咚) has an unbeatable combination :toast, peanut butter 🥜 porkchop, egg 🥚 cheese 🧀and toast, it is a 5/5 must try product 😍


Presentation: 5/5 <mouthwatering - brownish toast, golden yellow egg, running cheese and sprinkles of green>
Taste: 5/5 <loved the contradicted flavour of sweet and salty; also worth mentioning is the juicy porkchop >
Mouth feel: 5/5 <really enjoyed (i) how the toast is crispy but not hard (ii) the fluffy egg (iii) the chewy porkchop and (iv) the melting cheese >
Portion: 5/5 <very generous>
*Overall* : 5/5 😋


Presentation: 5/5 <as mouthwatering as the club sandwich - brownish toast, golden yellow egg, running cheese and stack of light purple mash >
Taste: 5/5 <super taro and slightly sweet >
Mouth feel: 4.5/5 <really enjoyed the thickness of the taro mash ; the only downside is that the taro mash is cold ; understand it is cold so to give its texture ; but still wish it is hot 😆>
Portion: 5/5 <very generous and filling: I was only able to finish half even after sharing half with my bestie>
*Overall* : 4.8/5 😋


Grapefruit Black Tea
Presentation: 3/5 <the black tea in the transparent cup wasn’t really appealing 🤨 would be better if the entire cup is pink>
Taste: 3/5 <ordered half sugar but it is still pretty sweet 🙈>
Mouth feel: 5/5 <Smooth black tea>
Portion: 5/5 <just right>
*Overall* : 4/5 😋

this sandwichplace definitely worth a visit 😄
用餐日期: 2019-03-08        

評分: 味道 5   環境 4   服務 4   衛生 5   CP值 5